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TSSA say May must sack Grayling

30 December 2017

TSSA calls on May to sack Grayling and want an urgent inquiry into the East Coast bailout following Adonis' resignation revelations.

TSSA is calling on Parliament's Transport Select Committee (TSC) and Public Account Committee (PAC) to launch an immediate investigation into malpractice in the Department of Transport following the relations made by Lord Adonis in his resignation letter from his post as head of National Infrastructure Commission yesterday.

General Secretary Manuel Cortes said Theresa May is now left with no choice other than to sack, Transport Secretary Chris Grayling for running amok.

Lord Adonis said his resignation was forced as the Government is “trying to silence” him over his criticism of its handling of the multi-million pound East Coast Mainline rail franchise.

Labour's former Transport Secretary lashed out at the Government’s handling of the East Coast rail franchise, claiming a taxpayer-funded “bailout” of Stagecoach and Virgin – the private operators of the East Coast mainline - was evidence that Whitehall was too distracted by Brexit to focus on running the country.

Lord Adonis claimed that Transport Secretary Chris Grayling’s position had become “increasingly untenable” because of his involvement in the East Coast decision, as he should have been tougher in fighting for taxpayers’ interests.

Said Cortes: "I hope the TSC and PAC Chairs are already in touch with Andrew to hear the detail of the allegations he is making about malpractice at the Department for Transport when it comes to the bailout of the East Coast Mainline partners Stagecoach and Virgin. If Andrew is saying his position is untenable, then frankly it is.

"If Grayling has let either company get richer and their multi-billionaire owners, Brian Souter and Richard Branson, bloat still further their already obese bank accounts at our nation's expense and take advantage of taxpayers at a moment of profound national crisis, then they should be stripped of their knighthoods and he should be hounded out of office for treason.

"Grayling is not an honourable man and will not fall on his sword. The buck for corrupt, sleazy, bad government stops with Theresa May. Another of her Brexiteer henchmen is running amok with his office and with our money. May knows Adonis's allegations will hold damning substance. She should haul him before her and sack him forthwith. She is becoming mired in sleaze and knows there is no other choice.

"She should then end the bailout of East Coast forthwith. As Andrew told her in his resignation letter, 'it benefits only the billionaire owners of these companies and their shareholders, while pushing rail fares still higher and threatening national infrastructure investment. It is even more inexcusable given the Brexit squeeze on public spending.'

"East Coast should be brought back into public ownership. TSSA stands ready to help collaborate in that public service initiative."

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