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TSSA says reporting of the gender pay gap is not enough

6 April 2017

On the day that companies with more than 250 employees must start reporting their gender pay differentials, TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes says closing the gender party gap requires action not words.

Said Cortes,"The average gender pay gap is currently 18%. But the disparity between male and female workers rates of pay in their disparate workplaces may be far bigger. Reporting this is a start but frankly, nowhere near enough. We need action to close our systemic pay gap not words. And the truth is women's pay is far better in workplaces where there is union representation and collective bargaining.

"Women's wages are on average 30% higher when they belong to a recognised union than where they don't. Theresa May is credited with bringing in legislation to make employers report the gender pay differential. However, to effectively tackle this, she should repeal the Tories anti-union laws and make it known that a woman's place is in her respective union, if the pay gap is ever to be closed!"

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