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TSSA says young people have been let down by the Tories yet again over millennial rail card debacle

13 March 2018

Millennial's 26-30 railcard site crashes as government only allocates limited number.

Commenting on the debacle, transport union leader Manuel Cortes said:

“We know there’s a high demand by young people for rail travel, but the government’s flashy scheme has not translated into reality. Young people have been let down by the Tories yet again.

“These railcards are more difficult to get hold of than Glastonbury tickets!

“There were only 10,000 railcards allocated and only to 26-30 year olds who could pay by card and have proof of age like a driving licence or passport. These cards only covered off peak leisure travel, but they were clearly in demand.

“It’s ridiculous that discounted rail travel for a generation who have already been denied decent housing and a university education is being limited. No wonder this age group is joining Labour in droves!

“The only way to make rail prices fair and equitable is to bring the system in house, public ownership is the only way to go!”

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