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TSSA serve formal notice of dispute at Network Rail

11 July 2011

TSSA has written to Network Rail clarifying the issues of dispute between arising from NR's failure to negotiate over pay, or to agree to respect TSSA's members' employment rights. TSSA is asking all its band 1 - 4 members to complete our on-line pay survey, which is providing us with the evidence we need to demonstrate that the pay system is unfair, and lacks objectivity and transparency.

The letter sent to Network Rail (below) sets out the basis of our dispute:


Mr Peter Bennett

Director of Human Resources

Network Rail

Kings Place



11 July 2011

Dear Peter,

Notice of dispute

As you know the TSSA has been concerned for some time over the issues of fair pay and conditions of service, and the failure to respect basic employment rights, for our Bands 1 –4 members.

Please accept this letter as a formal notice of dispute.

The dispute arises from Network Rail’s refusal to negotiate over the TSSA’s 2011 pay and conditions of service claim (see TSSA’s Claim for Improvements to Pay & Conditions of Service for Bands 1-4 Staff 2011, dated 19 April 2011) and the failure to commit to respect TSSA members’ employment rights (see Gerry Doherty’s letter to David Higgins dated 5 July 2011).

For your convenience I will summarise our concerns below.

Fair pay and conditions

Our claim seeks:

• An increase in the ‘pay pot’ that is at least equivalent to RPI plus 0.5% and no less than that offered to bands 5 – 8.

• A pay rise which is distributed fairly

• A commitment to developing a fair and transparent pay structure

• A review of long hours and the extent of unpaid overtime

• An extension of flexible and remote working policies

• An extension of travel subsidies and facilities

You have refused to discuss our concerns since 24 May this year and have instead sought to implemented a below inflation pay award which is distributed by the discredited Performance Related Pay system. This is not acceptable to our members.


The issues of respect for employment rights is exemplified by Network Rail’s refusal to commit to ending the following practices:

• dismissing management grade staff without the individual having the opportunity to put their case in a hearing.

• issuing unlawful instruction to staff to discriminate (for example on the grounds of race, or gender) during recruitment processes.

• tolerating acts of racial abuse or sexual harassment (particularly when the perpetrator is in a position of authority) and

• the harassment and victimisation of health and safety whistleblowers.

Unless there is an immediate commitment to negotiations with an intention to explore all of the above issues the TSSA will have no choice but to issue a formal notice of intention to ballot in the next few days.

If there is anything that you do not understand in the above, please do not hesitate to contact me. The TSSA remains committed to resolving these issue by negotiation if that is possible, and we are happy to involve ACAS if you think that would assist. However, if you will not negotiate with us, we will have no choice but to ballot our members for industrial action.

Yours sincerely

John Page

National Organiser (South)

Download as pdf:   ltr to NWR re dispute 11july2011


Please complete our latest online survey to help us prove to Network Rail that their PRP system is broken and requires major surgery:

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