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TSSA slams cowardly lion Boris over Underground job losses

7 October 2010

Responding to London Underground’s announcement today that they plan to reduce the number of permanent posts in so called non-front line areas by around 400, TSSA Assistant General Secretary Manuel Cortes said:

“We are absolutely fuming that London Underground has today announced a further 400 job losses. What makes this announcement even harder to swallow is that it has come on the same day in which a formal approach was received from ACAS to all parties seeking to start formal talks aimed at resolving the current strike action on the Tube.

“It appears that the Mayor wants to scupper any attempt to return good industrial relations to London Underground and uninterrupted Tube services for Londoners. We’ve had plenty of bluster this week from Boris in Birmingham before his return to London to knife London Transport workers in the back without even having the nerve to engage with them or their representatives on his plans. It seems that Pinocchio Boris has become Boris the cowardly lion.

“TSSA will now be consulting our reps with a view to balloting our entire membership in London Underground. This announcement has come on the back of 800 operational job losses, and 500 engineering job losses. Our members will never accept that taking 1,700 jobs out of the network will make it anything other than a second rate and unsafe service. “

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