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TSSA speak up for independent transport police at Scotland's Justice Committee today

14 March 2017

TSSA members will be at Holyrood today to submit evidence to Scotland's Justice Committee against proposals to the devolve BTP into nto Police Scotland , TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said:

"British Transport Police is an integrated, well-embedded efficient force which keeps trains moving equally safely and soundly whichever side of the border you travel, precisely because it is specially designated to the rail industry. Breaking up BTP won't make it better but it will also cause chaos and delays in Scotland's railways for years to come.

"I get independence but I also get interdependence. Whatever Scotland's future, it will never get rid of the fact of a border with England which will continue to be traversed by rail tracks and rail passengers. A joined-up, cross-border rail police force is a long proven asset which keeps all people, irrespective of national identity, transitting safely. The proposal to merge BTP with Police Scotland is injecting politics into policing. The Scottish Government are out of step with their people, as both public consultations on the proposal and the bill for policing the railway show there is no will for this merger on the part of the Scottish people.

"If there is to be any justice at the Justice Committee today, then our evidence will be accepted not rejected and added to the weight of evidence already submitted by our colleagues in the British Transport Police and the British Transport Police Federation who on safety grounds think this proposal cannot go ahead."

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