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TSSA statement on Boris' lack of tube talks

11 January 2016

TSSA statement on Boris' lack of communication with rail unions about Night Tube in London Underground

Manuel Cortes, leader of the TSSA union who represent many grades across the London Underground network clarified his union's position in regard to announcements by other rail unions of industrial action on the tube:

"Over the next week, our union will be consulting our members to decide what we do next. However, it beggars belief that we have not met LU management to discuss Night Tube since last November.
'We have written to them seeking the resumption of talks at ACAS but have yet to receive a reply.
"We have also asked Boris repeatedly to intervene to settle the dispute but heard nothing from him until his outrageous outburst against unions yesterday which will do nothing whatsoever to aid an agreement.
"His behaviour may seek to impress backbench Tory MPs in his now very long-running and boring audition for Cameron's job. But sadly, Londoners are reaping no benefit from the furtherance of his ambitions.
"I have repeatedly called on him to meet face-to-face to resolve this dispute and say to him now: 'You know Boris, its never too late to change the habit of a lifetime. Come and talk to us as this dispute will only ever be resolved through an agreement'." 

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