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TSSA Statement on Labour Backbench Brexit Amendment

11 January 2019

Responding to news that some Labour MPs are moving an amendment to May's Brexit deal to better protect workers' rights, TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said:

"It's our union policy to campaign against Tory Brexit. There is no Brexit deal that can benefit workers. Everyone from the CBI, to the bank of England to the TUC and most of the Tory party itself know Brexit is killing jobs.

"Disgustingly, it's anti-migrant workers stance has seen workers depart our shores and has left our public services ailing. It's not the job of elected Labour MPs to do deals with the dreadful Tories. Their energies need to be spent bringing down May and her mob. End of!

"Nothing good can come for working people from Tory Brexit; and Labour MPs should know better than to do deals with the Tories.

"There is still tine for the government to abort their botched Brexit mission. The biggest division in our country ain't between those who voted Leave or Remain. It's between those who have untold wealth and whose interests are protected and enhanced by the Tories and the rest of us.

"Time to call time on the Tories and their mega-rich chums. Only a Labour government will address this massive and growing wealth imbalance. Make no mistake, any Tory Brexit will let workers down. The duty of all Labour MPs is to sink May's rotten deal."  

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