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TSSA Statement On Labour's NEC Brexit Meeting

30 April 2019

Following the meeting of Labour's ruling NEC today TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, said:

“Sadly, it doesn't appear that there is anything straight talking about Labour's latest Brexit fudge. Our union is obviously disappointed that our amendment to give the British people the final say over any Brexit deal did not find favour.

“However, the good thing is that a deal with the Tories won't happen. And our unicorn demands for a deal with the European Union will in effect make us a rule taker colony of Brussels.

“That's the naked truth and we have missed an opportunity to tell it to voters like it is. We face a stark choice - a no-deal economic crash, vassalage or the best option, no Brexit at all.

“So, a public vote is on the cards but only a vote for Labour will make this happen.”

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