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TSSA Statement On Theresa May's Resignation

24 May 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes has reacted to Theresa May's announcement that she will stand down as Conservative leader and Prime Minister by calling for both Article 50 to be revoked and a General Election.

 Manuel Cortes said: “All political careers end in failure – though none more so than Theresa May’s.

“Her time in Downing Street has been an abject failure. We have seen three wasted years dominated by Brexit and austerity and a Conservative Government starkly divided.

“She struggled even to bring forward legislation in Parliament and has suffered historic defeats. We simply can't go on like this.

“The fact is that changing the captain of this Titanically bad government does not stop our country heading straight into the Brexit iceberg. We need a Labour Government to unite our country by ending austerity, not a No Deal fanatic like Boris Johnson at the helm.

“The Tories have failed our people with needless brutal austerity and failed industry with the economic death wish which is Brexit.

“May has told us she is going - it’s the end of her and it must be the end of Brexit too. Article 50 should be revoked with immediate effect to halt this madness before more jobs are lost and communities torn apart.

“A general election must be called so that the British people can choose our next leader rather than the dwindling, increasingly hard-right, ranks of the Tory Party.”

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