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TSSA still waiting for Bus √Čireann to start talking

3 April 2017

As TSSA members at Bus √Čireann enter their eighth day of consecutive strike action, TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, speaking from a picket line in Waterford this morning, says:

"Bus Éireann must stop conducting industrial relations via the media. Hinting to journalists that they may be back at the Workplace Relations Committee is just a manipulative PR exercise when the truth is, no-one has been in touch with me to arrange a date.

"Bus Éireann's passengers and workers need the company's bosses to stop spinning yarns for the press and start straight talking round the table with bus unions at the WRC today - not next week. Bus workers have always wanted a negotiated settlement. It is Bus Eireann who walked away from the WRC nearly three weeks ago. As far as I'm concerned, TSSA is still waiting for them to come back!"

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