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TSSA strike at Bus √Čireann looms

22 February 2017

TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes is again calling on Transport Minister, Shane Ross to intervene to resolve the problems at Bus √Čireann.

"As a strike in Bus Eireann looms, Shane must finally come out of hiding and help the unions and workers d resolve the management made problems. At talks so far we have only been dealing with the monkey, it's time for the organ grinder to step up to the plate before services come to a halt.

"It's abundantly clear that both the Government and the Nationally Transport Authority have a key role to play if a resolution to this dispute is to be forthcoming. They are currently conspicuous by their absence.

" Now is very much the time for them to stop playing these games and join the fry so that a solution can be reached. Our union remains available for further talks anytime, anywhere."

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