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TSSA Strike dates in ScotRail CCTV affect Bank Holiday and Scottish Cup Final

20 April 2018

TSSA announce strikes on 5th May (Bank Holiday Saturday), 19th May, (Scottish Cup Final Day), and Monday 11th June.

The dispute centres on ScotRail’s decision to cut 20% of its CCTV staff last Summer, leaving the remaining staff overstretched and stressed out. ScotRail have increased problems by attempting to enforce a compulsory night shift on staff, which will mean even fewer “eyes on the cameras” during the hours when passengers are travelling.

TSSA Leader Manuel Cortes said, “This is a crisis entirely of ScotRail’s own making and our members have had enough. Our members have never worked night shifts before and their family lives shouldn’t have to be sacrificed due to ScotRail’s bad management.

“These strikes don’t need to happen at all – we’re ready to meet with Abellio at any time – they just need to stop forcing night shifts on their staff.

“We’re also disappointed that Transport Minister Humza Yousaf has yet to get back to us. I met with him on Wednesday and gave him a range of options to solve the dispute. He asked for 24 hours to consider them and hasn’t been in touch since. All his fine words about working with Trade unions are meaningless if he isn’t going to deliver on his promises.”

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