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TSSA strike off tomorrow - members to vote on proposed settlement

21 December 2017

TSSA and RMT have been in discussions with the company today to avert further strike action. As a result, the following was agreed:

 The Company and the TSSA and RMT unions have agreed the following terms to resolve the dispute.

1) An increase of 3.2% to all salaries and dynamic allowances for the respective grades covered within this agreement with the TSSA and RMT , back dated to 1st April 2017.

2) An increase to the allocation of Family & Friends tickets from 4 a 6 per annum. The additional 2017 entitlement can be carried over to 2018.

3) It is agreed that the base working week for the FTE staff will remain unchanged at 35 hours.

4) In recognition of the above, it is further agreed that:
(a) the TSSA and RMT will suspend immediately all industrial action under their ballots and will conduct referendums of their members (with a recommendation for acceptance) on this agreement and upon acceptance will formally implement this agreement and will immediately withdraw their ballots and notices of industrial action and will instruct their members to work normally
(b) upon formal acceptance of this agreement by both unions the Company will implement (1) (2) and (3) above and will make a "one off" non pensionable lump sum payment of £500.00 (subject to tax and pro rata for part time staff) to all staff in grades covered by this agreement
(c) the TSSA and RMT also agree that this lump sum payment is in full and final settlement of the dispute over (or in relation to) the length of the working week of the grades covered by this agreement and that they will not seek to re-open this matter or to formulate any dispute on this matter before the end of the current franchise (or any extension thereto) or 31st December 2020 (whichever is the later).

TSSA has therefore suspended strikes for tomorrow and 5 January in order to conduct a referendum ballot of our members. TSSA members should work normally both tomorrow and on 5 January.

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