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TSSA submit pay claim for maintenance bands 5-8 and equivalent grades

31 October 2013

Yesterday your area reps for maintenance met to discuss the content of the pay claim for January 2014.

Reps felt that the amount of the pay rise was should obviously be the key focus of the talks. They also decided the members particularly wanted movement on:

  • PDTA (personal daily travelling allowance) rates
  • Standardisation of the working week and annual leave
  • A review of working hours, vacancies and the use of agency staff
  • Stamping out stress, bullying and harassment

You can download the full pay claim below!

The Trades Unions meet Network Rail early in November to present the pay claims to the company. We will update you after this meeting. 

In the meantime, talk to your rep about your views on the key issues above!

  TSSA - Maintenance Pay Claim 2014 - Final

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