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TSSA submits response to apprenticeship consultation

24 May 2013

TSSA submitted a response to the Government's consultation paper on apprentices issued by the Departments of Education and Business, Innovation & Skills.

Following  our own call for comments to all ULRs and other reps, TSSA put together a paper setting out our views to the Government's call for responses to their report on apprenticeships.  TSSA Apprenticeship consultation response It was submitted on the 22 May.

Our response focused on apprentices in the TSSA areas of transport and travel but also had a lot of general comments including ensuring that potential apprentices were not excluded because of institutional discrimination - especially to do with a lack of understanding by employers of how neurodiverse applicants would require reasonable adjustments to ensure they could have  a fair chance in competitive selections or in final appraisals. We also highlighted the need for apprenticeships to take much longer than the largely discredited quicky schemes prevailing currently to allow apprentices to build up the full breadth of skills & knowledge, as well as the need to keep an eye on maverick employers and dodgy private providers and ensure all apprentices had time off the job to reflect and share experiences with apprentices from other employers. On reading TSSA's comments, the TUC's own Apprenticeships Policy and Campaigns Officer stated - "I think we are pretty much on the same page with everything!"

We now await the Government's decisions on moving forward with a rebranded apprenticeship strategy.

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