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TSSA Subscription Rates Won't Increase in 2016

5 January 2016

Can I first take the opportunity to wish all our members and all of their loved ones a happy, prosperous and peaceful 2016.

As you are probably aware, our union had been running a deficit for several years. In 2013, its scale was such that it threatened our continued existence. Unfortunately, our Executive Committee (EC) had to make some very difficult and painful decisions during 2014. You and our staff bore the brunt as subs were substantially increased and there was also a sharp reduction in our union's employee headcount. I want to thank everyone associated with our union, from you, our members to our reps, activists and staff for helping to see us through this trying time.

I am therefore incredibly pleased to be able to tell you that these tough actions have paid off. In 2015, we eliminated our deficit. In recognition of your loyal and dedicated support during our recent financial difficulties, our EC has decided not to ask our Annual Conference to increase your subscriptions during 2016. However, the best way to ensure that future rises are kept to a minimum is by increasing our union's membership. Here is where you come in, by simply recruiting one of your colleagues who isn't yet within our ranks you are helping to secure our union's financial well-being.

In fact, our EC has launched our Time to Grow strategy in recognition of this - you will hear more about this throughout 2016 and beyond. Having taken difficult and painful decisions to consolidate our financial position, there has never been a better time to underpin the new position we now find ourselves in. Let's not allow our union, ever again, to be in a position where its continued existence is in doubt.

Yet, we can only succeed in this if you are prepared to play a part. The single biggest contribution you can make to secure your future and that of our union is by agreeing to recruit at least one new member during 2016. If each and every one of us did this, not only will our union's financial strength be solidified, it would also make our voice far stronger as a union growing in size also grows in influence. New members can join online via the following link

Can I once again thank you for your loyal membership and let's make 2016 the year that our union and your voice becomes far stronger through growth!

Manuel Cortes

General Secretary

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