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TSSA support for transport to be run in the interests of passengers not corporations

21 January 2016

TSSA's General Secretary, Manuel Cortes responds to the news that Transport for London will take on suburban rail routes

TSSA statement on TfL taking on suburban rail routes

Responding to news, TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said:

"The Mayor should be given the power to run these services directly rather having to put them out to tender as he does now with Crossrail which will be run by a company from Hong Kong who also run the current London Overground in partnership with German state owned railways. This means money from our passengers and taxpayers leaks out as profits to support investment and lower fares in Hong Kong and Germany - the economics of the madhouse.
"So the devil of this will be in the detail. Unless the Government backs their devolution plans with substantial and sustained investment in London's transport infrastructure cattle trucks and delays will remain the reality and improvement in services will remain a pipe dream." 

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