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TSSA support sitting leader Jeremy Corbyn

12 July 2016

TSSA's Executive's unanimous decision at the weekend backs Corbyn for leader.

With a new leader at the head of the Conservative Party and the Tories looking set to remain in a prolonged period of bitter rivalry and infighting, it is for Labour to unite and be the source of national unity and stability for the country. As a union affiliated to the Labour Party, we regret but recognise that a Labour leadership election is now likely and urge all sections of the party to act with dignity and respect for each other and party democracy at this time.

While each CLP, affiliated union and socialist society will rightly determine, their views on who they may support and nominate, there is currently no vacancy for a Labour leader. According to the party rules the democratically elected and incumbent leader of our party, in this case Jeremy Corbyn must as of right be on the ballot paper. Frankly, it would be nonsensical for an incumbent not to be allowed to defend their record against any challenger - it would be a sham. It would fly in the face of natural justice and the democratic traditions and the rules of our party.

According to these rules the only way for a challenger to the sitting leader to seek a legitimate mandate is through a democratic OMOV election of Labour Party and affiliated members and supporters. This means of course, Jeremy Corbyn must be able to stand in any election challenging his leadership to democratically defend himself, his record and programme and mandate against any contender or contenders. As such, our Executive Committee, this weekend decided, on this basis, to unanimously reaffirm its support for Jeremy Corbyn as Leader Of the Labour Party.

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