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TSSA Support The Left Against Brexit speaker tour

31 May 2018

Endorsing a new left initiative against Brexit this week, TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said:

“There is nothing about Brexit that will make life better for the working class. It was a right wing brainchild won - and only narrowly – on a deceitful programme of dog whistle racism and the big lie that the NHS would get £350 million a week.

“The left should unite now and come together to stop this Tory act of war against our class. Our job is always to defend our people against the boss class. Supporting Tory/UKIP Brexit is unacceptable class collaboration. Full stop.

“Brexit is already is laying waste to our economy, stripping our NHS of vital staff and making Britain an altogether more intolerant, less progressive country. With the Tories wobbling and the possibility of a general election in the Autumn, now is the time for Labour to come clean with the electorate say the Brexit squeeze ain’t worth the juice and refocus our energies on Labour’s historic mission of combatting austerity and rebuilding a Britain for the many.

“The Corbyn promise of new economic settlement at home is now our priority. Frankly, there is no one better placed than Jeremy to call for peace and reconciliation with Europe. And only Labour can put an end to this Tory war against workers rights, livelihoods and our freedom to live and work where we choose in Europe.

“Pulling out of Brexit not Europe is now the bold offer we need to make if we are to win an election and begin to properly rebuild prosperity at home.”

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