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TSSA supports passengers to get their compensation for delays

18 March 2016

TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes made the following comments in response to the Office of Rail & Road (ORR) call for improvements to help rail passengers claim compensation for delays

"The solution to helping passengers claim back their fare, or part of their fare, for delayed journeys is a really simple one: the train manager should make an announcement over the tannoy system telling passengers how to go about it during the journey.

"Passengers who have smart phones or iPads can then make the claim whilst they are delayed. Season ticket holders should have the journey ticket price refunded. And for those passengers without smart technology a paper form and free post envelopes should be readily available at stations or easily accessible online.

"This isn't rocket science and train bosses know it but they don't do it because, outrageously, late actually trains are actually helping them turn a profit.

"It is a scandal they get automatically compensated by Network Rail(NR) if trains are running late in order to compensate passengers but not letting passengers know their rights means they are keeping hold of 80% of that money.

"Refunds should be automatic but train operating companies are the great train robbers of our day and it's their passengers they swindle.

"Of course it would be better for customers if there were no delays and the companies worked to with NR to eradicate them, but good customer service is - very apparently - just not their thing."

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