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TSSA suspend strike action

21 January 2016

TSSA update on the progress our negotiators have made in ACAS talks with London Underground this week, and which elements are still outstanding pending further talks.

Following a meeting with our Tube representatives this afternoon, TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes says his members will suspend their strike next week.

However he warns that strike action pencilled in for February may still go ahead as the union remains in dispute with London Underground management over serious issues surrounding passenger and industry safety.

"Londoners should have been using a night tube service since the beginning of December and would have if management hadn't dragged this dispute out for months," said Cortes.

"We are not the unreasonable ones. Our members have been deprived of a pay rise for over a year and are having new conditions imposed on them by LU which aren't thought through and raise serious concerns about passenger and industry safety.

"I pay tribute to the valiant efforts of our members whose resolve has ensured that their safety concerns cannot be swept under the carpet. It does appear that LU management have at long last started to listen so in an act of their good will towards our passengers and as a further show of our good faith towards LU, we won't take industrial action next week.

"But we do remain in dispute with them over very serious issues related to station safety and security and so can't rule out future strike action pencilled in for February.

"Again I call on Boris Johnson to show good faith towards tube workers and London's commuters by putting their safety above political posturing for Tory backbenchers from the shires and ask him to meet directly with me to resolve these matters once and for all."  

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