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TSSA suspends this weekend's planned strike pending talks but Cup Final strike is still on the cards

3 May 2018

TSSA has called off the strike action which would have brought Scotland's rail network to a halt this coming weekend following a new offer by ScotRail to allow for further talks. However, the one planned for the Scottish Cup Final remains on pending the outcome of ongoing discussions.

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes asked Scottish Transport Minister, Humza Yousaf to intervene to settle the dispute after management insisted on imposing new compulsory night shifts on staff whose family and child care commitments meant they simply could not work nights.

Said Cortes, "This is a dispute that should never have happened. ScotRail management should hang their heads in shame for trying to impose night shifts on parents who can’t simply leave their children home alone.

"And, of course, the new night shift rosters would never have been needed if ScotRail management hadn't cut so many posts in CCTV centres through voluntary severance leaving the team understaffed.

" We are pleased that at long last ScotRail appear to be seeing sense. They have made a new offer which we are happy to sit down in talks and explore, to see whether this can lead to a resolution our members can accept. However, we aren't out of the woods and our strike on Scottish Cup Final weekend will go ahead if no progress is made before then.

"I'm grateful to Humza for meeting me and seeming to get straight away how ridiculous ScotRail bosses were being. I'm sure he's had a word with ScotRail boss Alex Hynes who seems to have started earning some of the £255,000 salary he gets paid by Scottish taxpayers and finally, seriously addressing our members concerns.

"Our members who have overnight care responsibilities for children and sick relatives have now been released from ScotRail's edict that they must work nights. So we are calling off our strike this weekend and will continue negotiating in good faith with ScotRail to keep the CCTV unit properly staffed and Scotland's rail network properly guarded."

TSSA will no longer strike on Saturday 5 th May.

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