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TSSA tells Labour MPs "Don't Bolt"

18 February 2019

Responding to news that some Labour MPs intend to quit the Labour Party today TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said:

“I’d urge anyone in our Party thinking of bolting not to do so. Brexit or any other issue, isn't an excuse for breaking away. Labour is the only show in town for creating a fairer Britain.

“Our voters need our MPs to be made of sterner stuff. The Tories not Jeremy heaped the calamity that is Brexit on our country and on our neighbours.

"Our union is fighting tooth and nail against Brexit because we know it threatens the jobs, livelihoods and way of life of our members and their families for generations to come.

"If for a moment I thought the cause of working people would be better served by abandoning our Labour ship, I’d be duty bound to say so. But I’m not saying that. I’m saying stay in our party and fight for what you think is right. That's what people with principles do.

“I’m all for a final say on any Brexit deal and for us to remain in the European Union. But right now we must stand shoulder to shoulder against the Tories and demand May stops her Brexit clock and also push for an extension to Article 50. That's our most immediate priority.

"We must get behind Jeremy who is leading the fight against no-deal. I also don't anticipate he will rule out a final say as this is our Party's policy and he’s no dictator. May is gambling with Britain’s future. Any Labour MP bolters will rightly be judged very severely by history.”

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