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TSSA@TfL: Fighting for fairness

24 April 2018

18 months ago, following government funding cuts of £750 million per year, TfL announced that it needed to make cost savings and was launching an exercise that it called ‘Transformation’. TSSA has the most reps of any recognised union at TfL, and is the only union that has been invited to take part in every Transformation workstream. We are also the only union with recognition to represent band 4&5 senior managers.

Throughout the consultation process, TSSA reps have listened to staff, pored through business cases, asked difficult questions, raised counterproposals, and generally made the case for staff to be treated fairly.

TfL has a suite of policies which set out how job reduction exercises should be handled. These suggest that national best practice should be followed – things like offering people the chance to put their hand up to opt out of the selection process and taking a severance payment to leave, and where there are more jobs than people in scope, placing them into roles using a ‘light touch’ process. Unfortunately, early mistakes by senior managers (like Shashi Verma and Vernon Everitt paying 100s of people to leave TfL, leaving loads of vacancies they now can’t fill) have led to an artificial freeze on early voluntary severance payments being imposed by Mike Brown and Mark Wild. This has led to 1000s of people having to go through assessment and selection processes that are as costly and time-consuming for management as they are stressful for the staff.

In spite of this intransigence from TfL’s leadership team, in many cases we’ve succeeded in securing significant changes to management’s proposals, with jobs that were going to be cut put back into the mode and improvements to the processes to reduce the stress placed upon staff. In cases where members have initially been told they’ve not been successful in securing a role, we’ve supported them through the appeals process and in the vast majority of cases have been successful in securing them a role with the organisation.

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