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TSSA to march against austerity in London

11 April 2016

TSSA will join People's Assembly Against Austerity's march for Health, Homes, Jobs, Education in London on Saturday 16 April in London. We will assemble for 1pm at TSSA's head office to gather flags and banners before walking over to the start of the demo nearby.

Dear member,

Recent events have shown that tax dodging is depriving us of billions that would easily fund first class 21st century public services that we deserve, whilst also allowing the most vulnerable within our society a level playing field. Austerity makes no financial sense - George Osborne has repeatedly had to revise his financial forecasts and it's the Tory government's political decision to take from those who most need it while giving tax breaks to the richest. We learned for example that poorer people are hit five times worse that rich people after the most recent budget. We can't go on like this.

TSSA are marching with the People's Assembly Against Austerity's demonstration for 'Health, Homes, Jobs, Education' on Saturday 16 April.

To join in, meet for 1pm at TSSA's head office - Walkden House, 10 Melton St, London. Nw1 2EJ - where we will gather our flags and banners before walking to the start of the march nearby.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Yours in solidarity,
Manuel Cortes 

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