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TSSA Tube dispute settled

13 February 2017

TSSA workplace representatives on the Tube have voted to accept the London Underground (LU) proposal to restore 325 jobs as a first step in returning the Tube to an adequately safe staffing level.

The vote was taken on Friday and TSSA is now calling off our overtime ban. After nearly four months of dispute with LU we now look forward to a rapid improvement in safety standards for passengers and for our members in the Tube's 270 stations that to us, are also our workplaces.

Said TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, "Enormous credit must be paid to our members on our Tube. In refusing to work overtime for the last few months, they have proved beyond any doubt that our Tube was no longer employing enough people for stations to the meet minimum legal staffing requirements needed to remain open, let alone deal with congestion or other major security issues.

"Boris Johnson's cull of over 800 jobs blew all safety procedures apart. To implement his deep cuts, staff were reassigned from from CCTV monitoring and evacuation responsibility onto gatelines to cover front of house, knowing safety had been downgraded left all our members terrified for their own safety, as well as that of passengers.

"The response to the fake bomb device in Greenwich North in November revealed the gaping holes in evacuation procedures. Had the bomb threat been real, there would have been potentially a very serious and nasty outcome.

"I thank Labour's Mayor Sadiq Khan for listening to our members but, more importantly, for taking them seriously and acting upon their concerns. His willingness to do dialogue with London's transport workforce is not just a refreshing change after the 8 years of Boris, but will also make London safer again,

"Wiping up Boris's Tory mess on London Transport will remain work in progress for some time to come, but the first steps towards improved industrial relations between City Hall and our frontline Tube members have been taken.

"Sadly, not without a cost to our members who have put their money where their mouth is to win this dispute, in refusing overtime and renouncing the sweetheart bribes to make them work during their own overtime ban.

"Solidarity, safety and good sense have won out. Miners used to take canaries into coal mines to check for safety. TSSA Customer Staff are our Tube equivalent, They are tough, they are strong, and they totally committed to passenger safety. If they say our Tube is not safe and they are fearful for their own safety, then you can trust they mean what they say and it's not safe for passengers too.

"I congratulate our members on their endurance and their willingness to fight for passenger safety. We can all travel a little easier on our Tube today because of TSSA members warnings and actions."

"This is #heartUnions Week and my members victory for Tube safety is a fine example of the good work collective, union membership and solidarity can bring: fighting to keep our Tube safe not just for our members but for our passengers and for our nation. This commonsense win will spear on our members determination to ensure that passenger and staff safety remains at the heart of our Underground."

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