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TSSA tube strike: which side are you on?

28 October 2010

An appeal to colleagues who are not directly affected by the strike, but who work within the TfL family.

TfL and London Underground are planning a jobs massacre. The industrial dispute over the 800 operational jobs is just the start. London Underground have already announced a second wave of another 800 jobs to go on the non-operational side. On Tubelines, there has been an announcement of 500 redundancies. While there has been no formal announcement there are strong indications that another round of redundancies are planned for the engineering staff (i.e. the ex Metronet).

All of this before the ‘Project Horizon’ review (across the whole TfL family), which aims to make even more people redundant.

We don’t have to accept this

We are facing a major attack on public transport in London, but we don’t have to accept it. Cutting jobs means cutting services and compromising on safety. While London Underground has been seeking to reduce the numbers of staff required to keep stations open (below existing agreed safety levels) public transport user groups are emerging across London. We have allies amongst the travelling public who are prepared to organise in their communities to ensure that current service levels are maintained.

The next 24 hour strike begins at 9pm on Tues 2 November.

TfL are once again asking for volunteers to help to run services in order to undermine the strike action to save jobs. They want staff to cross picket lines, they want office staff to volunteer as ICSAs and people to cover strikers’ jobs.

There have been numerous incidents where safety standards have been completely compromised during strike days. These ‘volunteers’ will often be working with agency workers, some of whom have clearly never worked on the underground before: they will not know what to do in the event of a crisis.

If you are asked to volunteer, please consider the following:

- The fight for jobs and services is one which affects everyone in the TfL family. If these job cuts are forced through, then it won’t be long before we see the next wave, which could include your own job.
- If you ‘volunteer’ you will be undermining the lawful action taken by your colleagues after a formal democratic industrial action ballot.
- You may not have sufficient recent training to do the job safely and competently in the event of an emergency.
- You will be working with agency staff who are unfamiliar with the underground and if something goes badly wrong you could be held liable.

Please don’t help LUL undermine our action

TSSA strongly advises that during official strike action you do not ‘volunteer’ for duties that fall outside your job description and contract of employment. You should not be victimised or mistreated for refusing to undertake voluntary duties. It is unlawful for TfL to resort to these tactics.

Please immediately inform your Union if you or anyone else feels pressured into volunteering.

How else you can help?

- Distribute copies of this article to non-members so they understand why we are asking for their support. Ask your colleagues to join.
- Not a member of a trade union? For details on how to join TSSA visit
- Sign our petition
- Undertake our passenger survey
- Get your friends and family to sign the petition and take the survey.

Transport for London staff

- Attend the planned workplace meetings to discuss Project Horizon
| Windsor House | 12.30pm | Nov 8 | Rm 9A |
| Palestra | 12.30pm | Nov 9 | Rm 3GC1 (Moorgate) |

LU operational staff

If you are in the affected grades, support the strike, and encourage your colleagues to do the same
- On the day, set up a picket line and take the opportunity to persuade any waiverers not to break the strike.

LU non-operational staff
- If you are not part of the strike, then you don’t have to undertake work outside your own job description.
- Job cuts survey

We need to build our organisation to face future challenges if you want to know how you can help then email]

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