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TSSA - Unite talks come to an end

1 November 2013

It was announced in September that the talks exploring the possibility of a merger with Unite would “not be proceeding any further at this stage”.

Discussions had not managed to reach an agreement whereby TSSA’s significant resources could be targeted on boosting organisation and growth within the transport section of the proposed merged structure – a condition set by conference.

TSSA general secretary Manuel Cortes said that whilst the outcome was regrettable, he had subsequently met with Unite’s general secretary and agreed to explore ways by which cooperation and a sharing of resources short of a merger could deliver a better deal for members of both unions.

Whilst a merger was and remains the preferred medium-term goal, the Association continues to have a significant asset-base and income to support its work. However, as TSSA’s historical investment assets have been gradually declining over the years, changes would be required to bring expenditure levels closer to the Association’s income. TSSA’s Executive Committee has now launched a root and branch review to boost income from all sources – investments, membership income and property rental – as well as look at priorities amongst what will be a reduced level of spending.

Working parties have been formed to help target spending in the way that best serves the interests of members, with efficiencies and new ways of working sought to boost activity whilst reducing TSSA’s deficit.

Manuel Cortes told the Journal, “We’re committed to taking every step that strengthens the bargaining power of our members and rejecting options which aren’t a good deal for all those paying their subs.”

“Given the reducing head-count in our industries, a merger will still possibly provide the best medium-term solution, but we’ll now be working to deliver a more focused, if leaner, union in the short term. There will be changes ahead, but both myself and our Executive are totally committed to delivering a structure which delivers the best possible deal for members.”

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