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TSSA urges passengers to take part in Govia Thameslink consultation

25 February 2016

TSSA leader Manuel Cortes is urging rail passengers to take part in a public consultation by Govia Thameslink who want to close 80 ticket offices with the loss of up to 130 jobs.

As part of its deal to run the Thameslink, Southern, Great Northern and Gatwick Express lines Govia must first canvas public views on its proposals.

TSSA General Secretary, Cortes is hoping union intervention to help publicise the consultation will help boost awareness of it because the current publicity requirement - to put a poster on a noticeboard at a railway station - is he says both "inadequate and sneaky."

"It's completely insult to passengers that Govia want to replace what they see as outdated modes of ticket selling with smart technology - yet their idea of consulting passengers is to put a poster on a notice board at a station.

"They could make an announcement on every train journey and have opinion collectors on board during the consultation period which would be a modern, effective and informative way to consult passengers.

"But instead they choose to practically conceal the consultation period on a blink-and-you-miss-it poster at a station that no-one will see and not even include an email address is just plain sneaky and has nothing whatsoever to do with passenger interests and everything to do with trying to bleed passengers of every penny in the franchise land where profits not passengers are king."

Cortes is also asking rail commuters to bombard their MP's inboxes - whatever their party - to make the frustration with the way Govia is managing the network heard in Parliament.

"Govia took over running these lines in July and so far they have proved they aren't to be trusted to run a bath let alone 22 percent of the country's rail network," added Cortes.

"Survey after industry-respected survey this year alone show Govia Thameslink passengers to be the unhappiest travellers in Britain, facing the longest delays with the highest prices on the most overcrowded and busiest networks.

"Commuters are fed top to the back teeth with the worst service in the UK. Let's let our MPs know enough is enough and we are holding them to account on this one too."

Transport Focus are coordinating the consultation. To take part email before March 14 or, go to


Note to desks;

  • Fifteen stations have been earmarked for a "first phase" of closures with the famous station names of Alexander Palace, Tooting, Battersea Park, Wandsworth Park and Streatham Hill all currently set to lose their booking offices.
  • Further phases of closures are set to follow with more than 80 ticket offices, north and south of the Thames affected and, up to 130 job losses forecast.
  • Transport Focus Passenger Survey reveals 40pc of Govia Thameslink passengers were reported to fed up with their current service which ranks bottom for punctuality, value and in dealing with delays.



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