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TSSA victory on Cross Country managers' holiday pay shows why all managers should join the union 

16 January 2019

TSSA has won an extension of new backdated holiday pay claim for all manager grades at Cross Country rail company not just those covered by our union's collective bargaining package.

Every manager will now have their legal right to holiday pay entitlement respected on the same basis as the company's other staff. This means that many managers will shortly receive a substantial additional payment.

This agreement comes after many months of urging the company to treat the managers fairly and has echoes of the dispute a year ago over the 2017 annual pay increase when Cross Country tried to pay managers less than other staff and only backed down when the managers voted to take strike action.

TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes is now urging all Cross Country managers to join the union.

Cortes said: "This shows why being in our union makes good sense. Cross Country only agreed to do the right thing on holiday pay last week when TSSA threatened another dispute. The latest concession wrung out of Cross Country shows that a united workforce that is prepared to stand up for themselves can win in the workplace regardless of whether or not their union is recognised.

"It is regrettable that Cross Country continues to refuse to recognise TSSA for most managers. The result is that we lurch from one dispute to the next.

“It would be far better if the company treated the managers with the respect they deserve and allow them to have a collective voice through their union - that means formally recognising TSSA. We can then start to build a mutually beneficial relationship that avoids these disputes.

"To those members of our TSSA family at Cross Country who will soon be feeling the financial benefit of membership, I say - speak to your colleagues that are not in TSSA and invite them to join our union.

“The more managers there are in membership, the more the company will respect them, and they will be able to exert more influence when it comes to the company's decisions. And the easier it will be for TSSA to persuade Cross Country to formally recognise the union."

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