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TSSA visit Virgin Trains East Coast new Gosforth call centre

5 April 2017

Transport Salaried Staffs' Association (TSSA) leader Manuel Cortes makes a first official visit to Virgin’s new contact call centre at Gosforth, Tyneside this morning.

The recent opening of the new centre, located in Virgin Money’s Gosforth Headquarters marked a welcome return of a rail call centre to the North East following the controversial decision by National Express, the former East Coast operator, to close its operation and outsource jobs to Mumbai, India.

Almost one hundred new full and part-time jobs have been created at Gosforth supporting Virgin Trains East Coast bookings, special assistance and customer relations departments and TSSA is delighted to be able to offer all staff on site the right to collective union representation.

Said Cortes,”It is great to see jobs being brought home to Tyneside. Geordies are renowned for their warmth and friendliness. These are vital attributes needed to support and assist passengers in making their rail booking especially if they are in need of extra support. It’s also good to see investment in Gosforth after our campaign six years ago to stop the outsourcing of jobs from Newcastle to Mumbai.

“People too often think our rail industry is all about the locomotives and the track That’s only partly true. First and foremost our railways are about people - about moving passengers safely in great numbers and at great speeds which requires them to be served by great and knowledgeable staff. Fantastic customer service staff are key to making rail journeys happy experiences for our passengers. Virgin has some great staff at Gosforth and I look forward to them joining our TSSA family so we can keep them supported at work whilst they go about their daily business of making journeys for passengers more enjoyable".

“I’d like to thank the staff I’ve met here today for their welcome and Virgin Trains East Coast for woking with TSSA to ensure their staff enjoy the trades union rights which ensure happier, fairer and more equal workplaces.”

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