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TSSA votes for fresh strike action at ScotRail over yet more cuts to CCTV monitoring staff

4 April 2018

TSSA members have voted for strike action at Abellio ScotRail in a dispute about a "criminally negligent" shortage of specialist CCTV monitoring staff now jeopardising the security of the entire Scottish rail network.

TSSA blames the bad management of a company wide Voluntary Severance (VS) programme for the current situation after management accepted severance  applications from 17 of  22 specialist staff.

Yet ScotRail has so far failed to comply with safety requests agreed late last year with TSSA to create  extra posts within this safety critical division to cover the VS depletion in staff numbers. Remaining members are now working permanently overstretched and working beyond the point of fatigue.

Said TSSA General Secretary, "ScotRail bosses are keen to cut salary costs but as they do so they show they know the price of everthing and the value of nothing. They are purposely undermining the safety critical aspect of their own CCTV operation as they implement their misguided and dangerous cuts agenda.

"We warned them that any move to let VS hit the staff in their CCTV operation would be shortsighted. We even balloted for strike action over this last Autumn and won back concessions that would maintain safety critical staff.

"So its now frankly criminally negligent of ScotRail to have authorised the severance of specialist staff which has left our remaining members working flat-out on over stretched rosters as they try to bridge the yawning gap in the resources needed to run the network safely.

"Our members have had enough. We are constantly working under major terrorist threats and that pressure has now been increased by sheer management stupidity. TSSA members go to work every day knowing a disaster on their watch could be imminent. They are all about minimising risk. Their job has just been made impossible by their own management and are worn out by the demands of new rosters and management intransigence. 

"Let's hope ScotRail now see sense. If they don't, a strike is inevitable. It will be a show of determination by our members, doing whatever is necessary, to ensure our railways are run in the interests of passenger safety, not Abellio's profit margins. Management must now urgently get back to the negotiating table to resolve this matter or as night follows day, our members will be walking off their jobs".

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