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TSSA votes for strikes in tube dispute

27 January 2014

The TSSA rail union has voted to strike in the dispute over the Mayor's plans to close all 260 Tube ticket offices and axe nearly 1,000 jobs.

Its members voted by a majority of 58.8% to join two 48-hours stoppages with the RMT next week between February 4 and 6 and the following week from February 11 to 13.
Announcing the result of the secret ballot which had a 52% turnout, union general secretary Manuel Cortes called on the Mayor to end his self imposed boycott of talking to rail union leaders.
"It is now time for Boris to sit down with his staff representatives and negotiate a sensible deal which will protect the safety and security of the travelling public as well as the long term interests of our members.
"We think he is too ready to gamble with safety by abolishing permanent station supervisors in this closure plan, a plan which stands on its head his promise in 2008 to keep open every ticket office."
Talks between LU management and the unions resume at ACAS tomorrow. Last week the union leader accused the Mayor of tying the hands of his negotiating team because of their refusal to budge on any of the main issues.

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