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TSSA warn ScotRail against blinding themselves to security threats

23 June 2017

TSSA is dismayed to learn ScotRail are planning to axe 22 specialist CCTV monitor staff who guard all aspects of rail safety across Scotland's 10,000plus miles of rail track and stations.

The security critical posts are based in ScotRail centres in Dunfermline which monitors east coast lines and, in Paisley, which guards those on the west coast.

Said TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, "It beggars belief that ScotRail want to gouge out the eyes of Scotland's rail security system - especially during a period of unprecedented terror threat across the nation and, at the same time as the Scottish Government is proposing to axe Scotland's Transport Police. . 

"CCTV monitor staff are highly specialised and essential to the railway security system. They protect passenger's against congestion at stations, as well as monitoring against intruders and other security breaches and threats.

"Who in their right mind is prepared to accept that we allow ourselves to be blinded to security threats on the railway? Abellio are cutting corners and putting profits before passenger safety. This proposal would not pass muster with the civil aviation authority and it must not happen on Scotland's railways.

"Scottish Transport Minister, Humza Yousaf, must intervene immediately to ensure this proposition does not become a reality. If he doesn't, I am confident TSSA and our sister rail unions will consider all options available to us, to ensure rigorous passenger safety standards are enforced. 

"Every passing day gives us a new reason as to why Abellio cannot be trusted to run a railway in Scottish passengers interests. The day we strip them of their franchise and take the the company back into Scottish public ownership cannot come soon enough."

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