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TSSA warns against big fare rises to pay for rail expansion

8 January 2013

Manuel Cortes, leader of the TSSA rail union, warned Ministers against big annual fare hikes to pay for rail expansion.

"We obviously back rail investment to improve the service but passengers have already suffered enough pain with a decade of annual inflation plus fare increases.

"They should not now be expected to face another six years of even higher fares. No one expects motorists to pay more for new roads or air passengers to pay for new runways. Well rail passengers should not be singled out to pay for new lines.

"They have been persecuted enough already."

He also called on Ministers to abandon the main conclusion of the McNulty Report, the closure of 750 smaller ticket offices with the loss of thousands of station staff jobs.

"If Ministers are confident about this they should simply put it to a vote in the Commons. The reason they don't is obvious, they know they would lose," he added.

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