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TSSA warns of higher fares under new East Coast franchise

27 November 2014

TSSA leader Manuel Cortes has accused the Tories of "sheer political spite" for selling the East Coast line to Virgin and Stagecoach.

"This has got nothing to do with improving services but everything to do with sheer political spite," he said.

"Here we have the best value franchise, which has returned £1 billion to the taxpayer over the past five years, being sold to a firm which has increased fares on the West Coast line by 245% since privatisation.*

"Rather than allow the East Coast to continue as a public sector success story, they have denied voters the chance to keep it in the public sector by voting Labour in May.

"Privately run firms have been ripping off passengers for 20 years with the highest fares in Europe. This will simply mean more of the same, especially now that Virgin and Stagecoach will have a monopoly of long distance north-south rail travel in the UK.


* A union survey in February by fares expert Barry Doe showed that walk on fares from London to Manchester fares have increased by 245% between 1994 and 2014.

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