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TSSA warns passengers to brace themselves for "an absolute nightmare" as GTR tears up timetables and schedules more cancellations.

13 July 2018

Manuel Cortes is warning passengers to brace themselves for more scheduled cancellations as a third new trainable in two month comes into effect on Govia Thameslink and Great Northern railways this weekend

TSSA leader Manuel Cortes predicts the new timetables will escalate the crisis management conditions at the company to complete disaster levels causing further distress to passengers and risk to his members.

He says his reps have reported to him a staggering 200 trains will be cancelled on Thameslink this Sunday alone because of a shortage of drivers.
Said Cortes, "Passengers who have been suffering the effects of chronic bad management must have thought the delays and cancelations couldn't get any worse. They need to brace themselves. They ain't seen nothing yet!

"GTR boss Mike Boon hit the headlines for kicking people out of first class. That's bad practice on an overcrowded train and frankly they should now be releasing all seats at all times.

"But worse than booting people out of first class has to be this cynical and deliberate cancellation of trains. Our reps tell me 200 will be cancelled this Sunday alone because of a driver shortage. However, the company are spinning this as a timetable change when in fact they are tearing it up.
If passengers now just have to turn up at a station and hope that trains may come, that's not a timetable, that's the sort of wing and a prayer travel you associate with broken economies or war time. And it's waging war on the economy of the south east.

"The truth is that GTR with complete collusion by the Tory's Tinpot Transport Dictator, Chris Grayling have waged war on the country's busiest South East commuter routes to squeeze every last drop of profit and have actually broken the service. The latest cancellations show not crisis management but that a management crisis is now making a complete disaster of timetabling.

"Passengers are not king at GTR. Making money is. That's why they cancel trains at the drop of a hat and are creating an absolute nightmare for them.

"GTR is in breach of its franchise agreement. And their systemic contempt for passengers puts our members at risk because they are already over stretched and now, the butt of quite understandable passenger fury.

"GTR rot has to stop. Handing the keys over to London Mayor, Sadiq Khan who will make passengers interests not profit motives his priority is now the much over needed solution. Franchisng is broken beyond repair and only public ownership will restore peace and reliability at GTR."


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