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TSSA warns ScotRail of intent to ballot for strike action in rest day working dispute

11 September 2018

TSSA has notified ScotRail that we will be balloting our members for industrial action action in a dispute over payments for rest day working.

 The following circular was sent to TSSA members in ScotRail today. 

Scotrail Rest Day Working Dispute

TSSA met with Scotrail management on Friday of last week (14/9/18) to discuss the current dispute around rest day working payment.

The company began the meeting by making clear that no additional or increase in payment for rest day working would be on the table. We were obviously disappointed with the blanket refusal to consider our reasonable proposals to increase the amount of rest day working payment available to TSSA members.

The second portion of the meeting was to update TSSA on the company proposal to conduct a staffing review. Scotrail confirmed that, for TS grade staff, they will conduct a schedule 17 review which will look at their requirements under the franchise agreement in respect of booking office opening hours.

At this point the company are unable to confirm whether this will result in the recruitment of more staff or if they intend to concentrate their focus on other methods of reducing the need for rest day working (e.g. roster changes).

The company confirmed that they will adopt a similar approach to the review of staffing levels for TSSA members in the Station Grades albeit with considerations on booking office opening hours.

Given that the company have refused to consider any increase in payment for rest day working and that they have effectively offered a review of staffing levels, with no guarantee of benefit to our members, which they should be performing anyway TSSA feel that we have little choice but to ballot our members for industrial action.

Yesterday TSSA served formal notice on the company of our intention to ballot members for industrial action with the ballot scheduled to commence on the 17th September 2018.

As this issue relates primarily to the rate of pay for rest day working TSSA have decided to ballot all TSSA members currently in receipt of a minimum rate or amount pay for rest day working (e.g. SG, TS, A3, OS, etc).

While this ballot does not involve members in the SM, MS, SEM, SOM, Control or OTM grades TSSA have requested that talks are reconvened, as agreed at the wage negotiations, to discuss additional items on behalf our members in these grades. The company have offered a commitment to reconvene discussions soon and we will keep our members update on any progress, or lack of, in respect of these grades.

TSSA members are demanding the right to be treated fairly with dignity and respect by requesting equal treatment with other grades. We are disappointed that our representations appear to have fallen on deaf ears so far. We are now in the position where we must turn to our members to decide on the next course of action through an industrial action ballot.

To demonstrate a clear mandate to Scotrail senior management TSSA are recommending a YES vote for industrial action consisting of a strike and YES for action short of a strike.

Further information on the ballot, including the closing date, will be provided along with your ballot papers. In the meantime, you can contact your TSSA representative for more information.

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