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TSSA Welcome Labour's EU Elections Campaign

9 May 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has welcomed Labour's European Election Campaign and comments from Jeremy Corbyn at today's campaign launch that only his party can "unite our country."

Manuel Cortes said: "It's great to see Jeremy Corbyn and our Party’s European Elections Manifesto making a very strong case for internationalism and against Farage's divisive far-right policies.

“Labour is right to highlight that our country is bitterly and unfairly divided between the ultra-rich 1% and the rest of us. Only a Labour government at home and lots of Labour MEPs in Brussels will deliver the Britain and Europe that the many so badly need.

“Jeremy's policies are now a beacon of hope for our continent and beyond. Over the next two weeks let's work flat out to defeat the Right - be it May or Farage. Let's proudly restate our internationalism and our determination to build a Britain and a Europe for the many.

“Frankly, there's greater chance of Mars being made of cheese than there is of Labour reaching a Brexit deal with the wretched Tories.

“Just like Liverpool and Tottenham weren't going out of Europe a vote for our Party is also the one that will secure our place in the European Union through a confirmatory vote.”

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