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TSSA welcomes Corbyn Co-op conference speech

14 October 2017

Welcoming Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn's speech to the Coopertaive Party Conference today, TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said,

“This speech will be remembered by history as the moment Jeremy Corbyn signalled the beginning of the end of a rotten system rigged to benefit the richest 1%.

“Our current economic settlement has been in intensive care ever since the start of the great recession in 2008. Almost a decade on, incomes for millions of our people are yet to recover. And Brexit is simply compounding the misery with real wages back in free fall once again. This is economic system that can’t be fixed but must be replaced to stop even more people falling behind.

“In his speech today Jeremy has grasped the nettle and said this neoliberal age of enforced austerity must end. There is no sting when so many economists now agree with him.

“And his words will excite even more young voters about the potential of his new kind of politics because they simply can’t afford any more neoliberalism.
“The Tories are right when they say Labour is a real threat to their rotten model which has seen inequality skyrocket.

“And Jeremy has shown today that Labour will be as bold as Thatcher, in our determination and sense of purpose to usher a new economic settlement and tackling the challenges of automation and a digital economy to make life work better for the many not the few.”

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