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TSSA welcomes Corbyn's call for workers to join a union

12 September 2017

Welcoming Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn's briefed speech to Trades Union Congress 2017 today in which he will encourage workers, particularly young workers to join trades union, TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said:

"Today is the second anniversary of Corbyn winning the Labour leadership. What a great way to celebrate the hope of a better kind of politics his leadership is bringing to our country by encouraging young workers especially to get involved in the Labour movement and change the world, workplace by workplace, by joining their relevant union. 

"Jeremy is spreading not just the hope that a different world from the dog-eat-dog world of neo-liberal politics is possible but the means - unions. It's unions who defend not just rights at work but our workers rights to public institutions like schools, the NHS, and campaign for a nationalised, environmentally friendly public transport with affordable fares, which is why; 

"TSSA will be sharing Corbyn's trades union love in our workplaces, amongst our members and colleagues and  asking our reps to take heart from his optimism and get stuck  across the transport industry to  build a world for the many not the few."

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