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TSSA welcomes Corbyn's "We're all in Brexit together" speech today

26 February 2018

Welcoming Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn’s 'We're all in Brexit together' speech this morning, TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said:

“TSSA welcomes Jeremy’s approach that places the people of Britain rather than the Tories back at the heart of the Brexit conundrum.

“Jeremy is right that we are all in this together. He is the only politician people now trust to deliver a Brexit approach that will be in the interests of the many not the few.

“Labour now needs to weigh up the options that best suit the many. This must include an evaluation of what the cost of reforming our relationship with the EU whilst remaining together with it is, over the option of our country transiting to the martyr politics of vassal statehood where we will have no cards - let alone aces – left to play.

“Jeremy has long known politics isn’t made in easy sound-bites but in long processes. He is not in it for personal glory and, from how to effect peace in Northern Ireland to trying to stop the war in Iraq he has never shied away from telling people difficult political truths.

“I’m confident that as he continues to listen to the people of this country, over all the Brexit bicker, he will find a way to deliver a Brexit approach which protects our jobs, our public services, our children and our grand children’s futures and will rebuild a new deal and new peace for Britain with the EU.”

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