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TSSA welcomes Labour promises of public control of railways

18 February 2015

Rail union TSSA today welcomed the comments made by Michael Dugher, Labour's Shadow Transport Secretary, that under Labour our railways will be under public control and that the current franchising system will be scrapped with the public sector running sections of our rail network as soon as this happens.

Union General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, said, “Labour is not just listening to the public but most importantly, they are willing act to defend their interests. As the row over tax avoidance shows, the Coalition is happy to allow a few prosper at everyone else’s expense.

“Scrapping failed rail privatisation is a clear vote winner. Passengers are sick to their back teeth of paying the highest fares in Europe whilst greedy shareholders laugh all the way to the bank. Thankfully, Michael Dugher is now promising to end this scandal”.

Michael Dugher’s comments appear in an interview in tomorrow's New Statesman.

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