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TSSA Welcomes Labour's Commitment to a Confirmatory Vote on Brexit

26 February 2019

Responding to news that Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has called for a "confirmatory vote", TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes said:

"Jeremy has long said he would rule no tactic out to defeat Theresa May and her Tory party's Brexit wheeler-dealering which is already causing such havoc in Britain.

“We see today that he is a man of his word. And he has stood steadfast against Theresa May despite very loud calls from small numbers in our own Party to cut a deal with the Tories that would leave Britain worse off than staying in the European Union.

"Theresa May has disgracefully refused to bring back the meaningful vote on Brexit to Parliament again this week. Jeremy has responded decisively to her continued abuse of Parliament and the British businesses and people she just keeps dangling along in Brexit uncertainty.

“I call on everyone to now get behind our Labour Party and Jeremy who is truly leading the opposition to defeat this Tory Brexit."

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