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TSSA Welcomes Labour's Commitment to Campaign For Remain

9 July 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has hailed as "a shaft of summer sunlight and clarity" Labour's commitment that that the Party will now campaign for Remain in any forthcoming Brexit referendum.

After a meeting of the Shadow Cabinet this morning Jeremy Corbyn has confirmed his Party will campaign for Remain in a public vote ‘against no deal or a Tory deal’.

In an email to Party members closing Labour’s Brexit consultation Mr Corbyn said the new Prime Minister “should have the confidence to put their deal, or No Deal, back to the people in a public vote" - and Labour would then campaign for Remain, "against either No Deal or a Tory deal".

Manuel Cortes welcomed Labour’s settled Brexit position saying: “True to his word Jeremy Corbyn has listened and consulted on this crucial issue for our country and I heartily welcome the stance Labour has now taken on Brexit.

“It is a welcome shaft of summer sunlight and clarity in the eyes of our union which backs Remain and Reform. However, where we need the biggest change is in Westminster not Brussels.

“We need a Corbyn-led Labour government to end the Tories cruel and needless austerity and to reverse decades of privatisation and deregulation for the benefit of the few.

“Only Labour's new economic settlement for the many will ensure no one is left behind from Land’s End to John O’Groats.

“Of course we must challenge the new, unelected, Tory PM to put any deal to a public vote and of course Labour should forcefully back a Remain position because that is the only thing which will protect our economy, our living standards and our jobs.

“We need to stop Brexit and we need a Labour Government acting in the interests of the many not the few. That is something which can’t come soon enough.”

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