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TSSA Welcomes Labour's Plan For Employment Rights Ministry

10 September 2019

TSSA General Secretary, Manuel Cortes, has welcomed Labour's plan to establish a Ministry of Employment Rights, repeal the Trade Union Act, raise the minimum wage and end zero hours contracts.

Cortes said the new Ministry and associated measures, announced at the TUC’s annual gathering in Brighton by Laura Pidcock MP, would “transform work for working people.”

In her speech Pidcock said the Department would spearhead a programme of individual and collective rights at work.

Manuel Cortes backed the proposal saying: “this idea is absolutely vital because it would transform work for working people.

“For the first time in decades we would see the power of the unions and workers increased through the reestablishment of sector-wide collective bargaining which will set minimum and legally binding pay, terms and conditions for every worker.

“Be in no doubt repealing the detested Trade Union Act and binning the outrageous exploitation of zero hours contracts is a no brainer for any decent Government, as is raising pay for those earning the minimum wage.

“It’s a highly welcome move, diluting the power of the bosses and a huge step forward, offering enhanced rights, protection and just pay for all.

“This is the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn saying to the working people – we are on your side – we believe in fairness in the workplace, just as elsewhere in our society.

“As the Tories disintegrate before our eyes we see a Labour Party full of ideas and ready to implement these for the benefit of the many.”

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