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TSSA welcomes Network Rail bonus cut but warns on salary hikes to beat it

2 May 2014

The TSSA welcomed Network Rail's announcement that bonuses for its five top executives would be cut from a potential 160% of salary to 20%.

Manuel Cortes, the union leader who led the campaign for the Commons Transport Select Committee enquiry into level crossing deaths at Network Rail, said:

"We welcome the sinner that repententh, even at the eleventh hour. We have been arguing the case against double your salary bonuses for ten years and, now after taking £10 million in such unmerited bonuses, NR's top bosses have finally listened.

"Their appalling record on level crossing deaths, highlighted again this week by the inquest into the tragic death of four year old Emma Lifsey, meant they should not have qualified for any bonuses at all, let alone the six figure bonuses they took on a regular basis.

"We hope that this is not just a pr move to appease their critics. Whilst cutting bonuses, base salaries are to be quietly hiked to compensate for bonus losses. That would be sharp practice.

"Network Rail is a public company funded by the taxpayer to the tune of £4 billion a year. Safety should be its number one priority, not imitating the "get rich quick" mentality of bonus driven wide boys in the City."

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