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TSSA welcomes Sadiq Khan as new Mayor of London

7 May 2016

TSSA General Secretary Manuel Cortes welcomes the Labour Mayor and his victory after a divisive campaign.

Welcoming Sadiq Khan's convincing win, Manuel Cortes, leader of the TSSA rail union, said:

"We welcome Sadiq's victory and we look forward to working with him to transform London's transport system into a world beater. After eight years of Tory misrule, he has made it clear that he is ready to talk to working people and their representatives.

"He deserves his victory given all the lies and smears he had to face from the Tories during a very divisive and, at times, racist campaign. Londoners have chosen hope over fear"

He dismissed Jeremy Corbyn's critics saying that after the election results, Labour was now the largest political party in the country.

"Today marks another step on our long road to recovery. Winning the trust of millions who abandoned us cannot be done overnight.

"However, make no mistake, we have made gains in comparison with last year's General Election result and we are a step closer to power."

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