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TSSA wins improved groundstaff deal for DB Cargo members

11 April 2017

As well as the withdrawal of proposals to reduce redundancy entitlements. TSSA reps have today negotiated an improved deal for staff in TS grades that will migrate into the new groundstaff roles of ‘Operations Supervisor’ and ‘Mobile Operator’ in July.

TSSA wins improved groundstaff deal – and the withdrawal of proposals to reduce redundancy entitlements!

TSSA reps have today negotiated an improved deal for staff in TS grades that will migrate into the new groundstaff roles of ‘Operations Supervisor’ and ‘Mobile Operator’ in July.

As a result, the TSSA reps have agreed to recommend acceptance of the revised new groundstaff ‘handbook’, and will now be conducting a speedy ‘straw poll’ of TSSA members over the next week.

DB Cargo also withdrew proposals to reduce current redundancy entitlements for all its staff following strong representations from TSSA.

Staff in grade TS5 that move into the ‘Mobile Operative’ role will now receive improved pay protection. DB Cargo agreed to protect the pay of individuals indefinitely until their salary matches that of the ‘Mobile Operator’. DB Cargo’s pay protection is usually for no more than 6 months.

Winning for the TS graded groundstaff!

These changes come on top of the following achievements by TSSA reps:

* 87 jobs saved – TSSA reps persuaded the company that their proposed job cuts went too far, and 87 posts were reinstated.

* Clarity about how new ‘hub’ arrangements will work – DB Cargo will supply in writing the details as to how the new ‘hub’ working arrangements will be applied.

* Agreed principles regarding the designation of certain staff as ‘home-based’ – the company will set out proposals on principles that will determine which individuals will be home-based, and why.

* Commitment to review the new organisation by 31 December – DB Cargo will jointly review the new working arrangements with TSSA reps by the end of the year so that any issues arising from the introduction of the changes can be addressed.

* Proposals for staff to use own cars significantly reduced – staff will now only have to use their own transport in their own time at their own expense for up to one hour’s drive to the first job of the day, and then use a company van for other journeys.

* Commitment to review leave entitlements – DB Cargo has committed to review current leave entitlements next year.

Winning for Rail Terminal Services staff!

Intensive lobbying by TSSA has persuaded the company to keep Southampton terminal open, saving jobs there.

Winning for all DB Cargo staff!

Staff in ‘clerical’ and ‘technical’ roles in the TS grade, and also managers, will not see their redundancy entitlements reduced.

Join the union that is winning for DB Cargo staff!

If you know of colleagues who are not in TSSA member, pass this on to them, and tell them that now is the time to join! Membership forms can be obtained from TSSA staff reps - or they can join on line at



Today’s talks followed the rejection of the original ‘handbook’ by TSSA members in a referendum ballot. It was clear from the feedback from TSSA members that there were real concerns about the lack of clarity about the new ‘hub’ working arrangements.


Members in TS5 grade were also concerned about should they fail to be selected for an ‘Operations Supervisor’ post, they would potentially be accommodated out of grade in a ‘Mobile Operator’ post which will have a salary of around £1,833 less than that of a TS5. It was notable at today’s meeting that RMT, the members of which have agreed to the original handbook, conceded that further detail about the new arrangements was necessary to avoid misinterpretation by line managers when it is applied after July.


More information?

If you require any further information, please contact your TSSA staff reps:
Doncaster - Mark Smith:07557 494238
East - Nigel Foote (based at Immingham): 07501 010176
West & Scotland – John Fairbrother: 07799 336183
South – Barry Chilmaid: 07799 336223
Wales & South West – Phil Griffiths: 07776 202181

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